Is this place dead?

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Is this place dead? Empty Is this place dead?

Post  ticklishdragon1 on Tue Aug 30, 2016 2:53 am

Blade flew into the battlefield looking at the empty plains. He remembered how this place used to be full of laughing dragons. Now its quiet and no sign of life could be soon. He spent the last few years alone here. He wondered where his lover Azure was. He wondered where his tickler Emma was...heck he wondered where EVERYONE was. Probably just decided to...move on. It was a sad sight to see this place so empty. Being the last dragon in the whole area made him wonder...should he leave too? What if they come back? He already spent some of his time waiting for SOMETHING to happen. He surprisingly missed having his feet lick tickled by Emma. Sad and alone all he could do was sit on the same tree he would go to and get caught then tickled under. He would fall asleep and wake up to tickling. Now...he could fall asleep while waiting....and not have to worry about being tickled....or will today be different?

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