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Annoucement 1-Forum rules Empty Annoucement 1-Forum rules

Post  Dragonmaster19 on Sun Apr 26, 2009 11:13 am

Ok, the below are pretty much the ground rules for now. If people obey them then everything will run smoothly and everyone will be happier for it.

Before you begin

Introduce yourself! I want this place to be as friendly as possible, and it is more welcoming for new members if they know character’s names. So before you can start posting, hop into the Welcome board and tell us a bit about your character(s). You don’t need to reveal everything, but the two things you must post are name and type of dragon. After you do this, you will be approved to post everywhere else on the site. This is also to ensure that we filter out spammers or anyone with bad intentions.

Creating threads

You can create any topic you want, just so long as it is within reason, and it’s on the right board.

RP topics where the main focus and/or plot revolve around tickling should go into the battle feild.

RP topics where the main focus and/or plot revolve around anything other than tickling should go into the cave.

Major story RPs should go into the plains (refer to the rules in there for more specific info on the rules of story RPs).

OT stuff should go into The Forest.

Anything to do with stories and pictures should go into Artist's corner.

Irrelevant threads will either be moved or deleted.

Participating in threads

Keep it civil, no one likes a smartarse. Insulting and berating character to character in an RP sense is fine but please do not make it personal.

If you want to join in an RP that has been going on for a while, read the RP first! In some situations the characters involved may be in a "secret" location or in an area your character has no idea to get to. It is rude, and ruins the RP, just to simply "appear" without any logical explanation… especially when your presence is an impossibility in the first place. Please do not do this, it is very annoying for all parties involved. Wait for the story to pan out a little, and introduce yourself in a thread at a more appropriate time.

Do not derail threads by going in them and suddenly changing the whole plot and intent. Free flowing RPs are fine, but the thread starter may have a purpose for it… roll along with it, but don't start making drastic changes.

Mild violence is fine, but please keep it that way. Any threads with extream violence or gore, or any sexual or adult themes will be deleated and the users will be punished.

OOC messages should be kept to a minimum, and should only be used when necessary. If you keep on using them in a thread, it detracts from the RP to the point that it becomes about OOC rather than RP. The PM system is there for a reason – use it!

If a thread is dying or inactive, please don’t call out the other poster to post in it. Anyone can chose to or not to post in any thread they wish, unless specified in the OP. Closure is irrelevant – the thread is either concluded or it is not, so don’t expect every thread to have an ending because by nature free flowing RPs are ever continuous until the person gets bored of it. Alternatively, you can PM the person and ask politely – just keep it off the boards please.

Try not to double post in a RP thread. If you feel you have omitted something, either edit your previous post if it hasn’t been replied to, or wait until after the other person has replied.

Porn is forbidden, and punishable.


If you want to advertise something, put it into your signature. If it is a pic you want to show or a story, then do it in Artist's corner.

Spamming the board with ads will result in an instant ban.

Closing/deleting threads

In the event of a thread going so off track that it will not recover, then it will be closed. Threads involving slander and personal abuse, or anything legally questionable will be deleted.

However, old, inactive threads will remain open for anyone to bump up if they so wish. Though if the thread keeps on getting bumped up over and over again, and there is no interest, then it will be closed.

Closed threads will only be reopened at the admin’s discretion, if requested.


In the event of people breaking these rules, punishments will apply. This can range anything from a warning to a permanent ban depending on the severity of the offence. The admin team will look at each case individually and by its merits, and choose an appropriate punishment (or none at all).

A “Three Strikes System” will be implemented for all posters. This will take into account the number of times a person has blatantly disregarded the rules, and how much of a negative impact this has caused on the site. A strike will be discussed by the admin team and the person getting it will be notified. It is as follows:

Strike 1: If you refuse to follow the rules constantly, you will get a warning.

Strike 2: If you continue to disregard the rules after being warned, you will be suspended for one week.

Strike 3: If you keep up with this after the suspension, then you will be banned permanently.

Please note that this will not apply to minor or extreme offences on their own, unless minor transgressions are repetitive. There will be a cooldown period on strikes depending on the severity of offence.

Minor offences, such as posting in the wrong forum, will usually not be taken into consideration if the mistake is genuine and it is the first time. But doing it over and over will incur a warning.

Extreme offences, such as spamming the board, personal and constant harassment, and illegal activity, will result in an instant ban.

The admin reserve the right to close threads, delete posts and intervene if they believe something is either breaking the rules or is ruining the experience for other posters.

If you have an issue with a thread, post or poster… do not hesitate to inform the admin. We will look into it.


If you have been punished and believe that it isn’t fair, you can state your case to the admin and offer an explanation for your actions.

Your appeal will be considered by the admin team, but understand that there is very little tolerance for those who flaunt the rules. Unless the circumstances are exceptional, it will be difficult to overturn a suspension or ban. The rules are there for a reason.

Any appeals that just beg, or bitch about the issue rather than offering any legitimate explanation, will be immediately thrown out.

P.S:I know these are rules are very similar to the rules of the forum called PTA, but that's because they cover the bsics of the rules and they cover everything for a basic forum.

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